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(Editor:Jay 12/14/2014)
Hey,weicome to our website! As Minecraft Pocket Edition has expectedly proved popular on 9Game, there's become an enormous need to have a "Minecraft Pocket Edition Guide/Walkthrough". 

Tricks, bugs and secrets of Minecraft Pocket Edition that can be exploited


  • The only Lighting blocks available in the Pocket Edition are:Torches, Lava and Fire .

  • If you want the full Minecraft experience then you'll have to go for the paid edition as you are limited to 27Blocks  in the Pocket Edition Demo.

  • You can't share save files between Minecraft Pocket and the PC version, cross compatability is something that is desperately needed for an update as so many players have invested so much time on the PC version, rather than the relatively minimal time on the iPhone and other stripped down versions. 

  • You can have skins on the IOS version by replacing char.png in the app file.

  • You won't be able to see fire in the Pocket Edition unless you place a flammable block next to fire.

  • Don't let the frozen lava fool you, it will move if forced.

  • The auto jump feature won't work on leaves if you go from a standing start with the best graphics on.

  • You can't burn a Minecraft Zombie mob if it's in water.

  • Shear a sheep to get white wool Minecraft blocks.

  • The app won't register leaves as having any solidity so you can't place a torch on them.

  • At last the new Minecraft pocket Edition has a day/night cycle (well when else did you expect the mobs to come out?).

  • Zombies Mobs emerge at night, but expect a few hanger on Zombies to be lurking in the day too.

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