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(Editor:Jay 12/13/2014)
Hey,weicome to our website! As Minecraft Pocket Edition has expectedly proved popular on 9Game, there's become an enormous need to have a "Minecraft Pocket Edition Guide/Walkthrough". 

  • Sword is quickest to  kill mobs (two hits).Axe takes 3 hits. Pickaxe  4 hits. And shovel takes 4 hits. Fist (or blocks) takes 10 hits.) 
  • In the Pocket Edition these are the only gametiles that can be placed: Wooden Planks, Cobblestone,Sandstone, Dirt, Brick (Block), Gravel, Stone, Torches, Ladders, Doors, Fences, yellow Flowers, various shades and colours of Wool, Glass, Cactus, Leaves, Cobblestone and Wooden Stairs, stone Slabs, (Oak)Wood, Gold (Block), Iron (Block), Diamond (Block), Sugar Cane, Cyan Flowers, Mushrooms, Obsidian,Doors, and Fences.
  • Blocks that exist in Minecraft pocket Edition but you can't get (for now) are: Ice, Snow, Lava, Water, Coal Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Diamond Ore, Redstone (Ore), Lapis Lazuli (Ore), Grass, Clay, (Pine and Spruce)Wood, Bedrock, and Sheared Wool. It's hope that further Minecraft Updates will make some of these game blocks obtainable
  • The Pocket Edition has no sky.
  • Classic Minecraft has infinite water-Pocket Version doesn't.

  • Don't expect as many settings on the app as in the PC version.
  • Neither sand nor gravel move directly above the nearest block directly below them (this was Classic's version of falling).
  • The hot bar only contains three different blocks (or 8 for the Xperia Play version) -again an update might change this , but Mojang has decided that this is the best fit for a Minecraft Touchscreen User Interface
  • Spawn points cannot be set in the Pocket Edition.
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