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Minecraft - Pocket Ed. Demo Players:We need game pad support

(Editor:BenRK 10/9/2014)
I don't know about you, but Minecraft - Pocket Ed. Demo is in need of gamepad support on action games platforms other then Xperia Play. I can't imagine it would be hard to implement. I've tried mapping my USB 360 controller to the xperia controls, but I could never do more then open the inventory. That alone tells me it's VERY possible and partially there.

I can imagine that the problem would be less of internal stuff and more to do with the wide variety of gamepads out there. How would I solve it? Offer key mapping in the settings and let us figure the rest out. I have an app on my tablet that lets me map my 360 controller to various buttons when a game doesn't support gamepads but does a keyboard or other bluetooth devices. This has worked well enough when keys are mappable, but as you can imagine, such is not the case with Minecraft.

Eh, I know this probably will never happen, I know I'm just wishing for the impossible. I guess at the very least, offer a third control scheme, and possibly an option to turn down the alpha for the control gui. The third control scheme should have the place and mine options their own on screen button. Everything else would be the same. This way, we can at least emulate on screen touches with our gamepads (oh yeah, there are apps for that, at least on Android), and at least would make it a bit more playable with a gamepad...

On an unrelated request, can we have the sky soon? And longer days?

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